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Design the pipeline, automate the workflow and source candidates via different channels.

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Assess the candidates in different aspects, select bias-free collaboratively and hire swiftly.

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Partnership Announcement- Open AI

Open AI Integration

We are thrilled to announce our first ever GPT-3 powered feature "AI Assistant", our first ever feature powered by OpenAI's GPT-3. OpenAI is an AI research and deployment lab that's on a mission to ensure general-purpose artificial intelligence benefits all of humanity.
OpenAI is committed to developing AI safely and responsibly and with our collaboration, we are closer than ever in providing AI at recruiters' service for better, safer and faster hiring.

AI Assistant is a GPT-3-powered email content generation tool that will help you design AI-generated email content upon your requirements such as intonation, types and the audience faster than ever.

We will continue to provide new automated possibilities using in-house AI algorithms and GPT-3 within your workspace.

About QPage

QPage is a full-stack Recruiting Platform and it enables organizations to recruit smartly. It introduces employers to social recruiting and turns communities into the most valuable, fast, economical, and long-term recruitment source. The end-to-end recruitment process is well-defined here with the AI-powered campaign designing and tracking.

Organizations of any size count on QPage for an easy and efficient long-term stable sourcing strategy. Designed for all to take data-driven decisions on its powerful dashboard for autonomous hiring. Get started with QPage to recruit top talents at 10x speed and give a boost to your recruitment strategy.

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Coming from the ATS and HRMS/talent tech world myself -- QPage is stellar.

The largest ATS offerings down to the tiniest are still well behind the curve.
Love the product, easy enough to use and creates a complete systematised solution towards hiring.
No more emotion involved, all about the analytics.
Talent Acquisition Lead
We were looking after a decent AI-powered Recruiting platform to help us recruit at massive scale and discovered QPage.

End of story- We're hooked.
Senior Recruiter
Luxury, lean and resourceful
The Selection and job posting is slick, seamless and pretty automated where I did not burn any effort for assessments, coordination, team collaboration and scoring, wow.
Promising and Innovative

I am surprised on the creative idea of this software, I immediately purchased and believe it will be a value addition on digital marketing business.
Senior TA Specialist
I run a small recruiting agency for startups so I am always on the lookout for recruiting tools that do not burn a hole in your pocket. I love how easy it is to use QPage and I can't believe how much value it offers for the price.
Great product - made recruiting a lot more efficient and less time consuming for us.

Looking forward to the upcoming features.
Chief People Officer
I just started using QPage and so far everything is a real game changer for the price.
I have tried countless ATS systems in the past and this stacks up to the big guys extremely well.

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