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Coming from the ATS and HRMS/talent tech world myself -- QPage is stellar.

The largest ATS offerings down to the tiniest are still well behind the curve.
Love the product, easy enough to use and creates a complete systematised solution towards hiring.
No more emotion involved, all about the analytics.
Talent Acquisition Lead
We were looking after a decent AI-powered Recruiting platform to help us recruit at massive scale and discovered QPage.

End of story- We're hooked.
Senior Recruiter
Luxury, lean and resourceful
The Selection and job posting is slick, seamless and pretty automated where I did not burn any effort for assessments, coordination, team collaboration and scoring, wow.
Promising and Innovative

I am surprised on the creative idea of this software, I immediately purchased and believe it will be a value addition on digital marketing business.
Senior TA Specialist
I run a small recruiting agency for startups so I am always on the lookout for recruiting tools that do not burn a hole in your pocket. I love how easy it is to use QPage and I can't believe how much value it offers for the price.
Great product - made recruiting a lot more efficient and less time consuming for us.

Looking forward to the upcoming features.
Chief People Officer
I just started using QPage and so far everything is a real game changer for the price.
I have tried countless ATS systems in the past and this stacks up to the big guys extremely well.