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Job Description

Bus Driver

Department Mission
  • The primary function of transportation is the transfer of people, messages and information. It is also needed for rapid movement of troops in case of emergency and finally movement of persons and goods. The political decision of construction and maintenance of roads has resulted in the development of transportation system
  • The role of Bus Driver is to principally regarding transporting people to their desired destination upon operating schedule and route journey plans. problems receipts, Communicate routes and ensures the security procedure.
  • Checking Daily Routes
  • Informing passengers on needful information
  • Monitor and Control ethical and legal activities happening in the bus
  • Transport people from one place to the destination on a transit bus.
  • Operate bus by applying brakes, beginning and stopping the engine.
  • Drive regular journey routes on a schedule.
  • Announce consecutive destinations.
  • Transport passengers on chartered visits or look tours.
  • Drive through traffic and adjust traffic laws.
  • Stop ofttimes, typically solely many blocks apart, and once a rider requests a stop.
  • Collect fares and issue modification.
  • Answer questions about schedules, routes, and transfer points.
  • Report accidents or different traffic disruptions to a central dispatcher, associated follow directions once mistreatment an alternate route.
  • Assist disabled passengers.
  • Check the bus tires, lights, and oil, and do different basic maintenance.
  • Follow state and federal transit rules and regulations.
  • Notify possible delays
  • Diploma/GED is a plus.
  • Having CDL license is manadatory.
  • Background endorsement needed.
  • Clean driving record
  • Having career exprence
  • First aid procedure working knowledge.
  • glorious communication skills."

It's always a good idea to include the benefits of the job the company will provide such as:

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  • Fun and energetic weekly team bonding events
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