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Job Description

Caretaker or House Sitter

Trades and Services
Department Mission
  • The primary functions of the Trades and Services department include the design and management of products, services and processes. In addition, the operations department evaluates and allocates resources to effectively deliver products and services. Management of supply chains is also an essential function of an operations department.
  • To take proper care of homeowners’ properties while they’re away in exchange at no cost utilities and accommodation in addition of an income that must be agreed on. You will do simple housecleaning tasks, water indoor plant life, and also pick up homeowners’ mail.
  • Home checking
  • Answering telephone calls
  • Informing homeowners on needful information
  • Appropriately securing homeowners’ properties in the conclusion of every morning, this includes shutting windows, closing blinds or curtains, locking doors, and creating alarm systems.
  • Performing simple housecleaning duties, this includes mopping, vacuuming, sweeping, along with dusting as needed.
  • Performing pool maintenance chores, this includes skimming debris and leaves away from the counter, scrubbing the sides of the swimming pool, cleaning out the filtration basket, and also testing & setting water chemical levels.
  • Watering interior plant life in accordance with the directions provided by homeowners.
  • Answering phone calls, offering info authorized by homeowners, and also relaying information that is important to homeowners.
  • Changing and washing bedding at the conclusion of every home sitting job.
  • Contacting the correct service providers to fix problematic plumbing as well as air cooling systems.
  • Taking care of homeowners’ pets as needed, this includes offering them water and food, cleaning up after them, and booking veterinarian appointments must they fall ill.
  • High school diploma or perhaps GED is preferred.
  • Proven home sitting encounter.
  • A clean history.
  • The capacity to follow written & verbal instructions.
  • Great organizational and problem-solving skills.
  • Good social skills.
  • Outstanding customer support skills.
  • Reliable and honest.

It's always a good idea to include the benefits of the job the company will provide such as:

  • Flexible hours to give you freedom and increase productivity
  • Life insurance for you and your family members
  • Work remotely in the comfort of your home
  • Free Gym membership so you can stay in shape
  • Fun and Energetic weekly team bonding events
  • etc.

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