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Job Description

Logistics Manager

SCM, Logistic and Operation
Department Mission
  • The primary functions of an operations department include the design and management of products, services and processes. In addition, the operations department evaluates and allocates resources to effectively deliver products and services. Management of supply chains is also an essential function of an operations department.
  • Being responsible for internal and 3PL distributions. This will include hub management, 3PL development, capacity management, scaling and cost management, alongside with reconciliation process. One of the most important criteria is funnel management with increasing the L/T efficiency.
  • Day-to-day decision making upon strategies
  • Department management
  • Hire, train, coach and motivate the team
  • Set Logistics KPI
  • Approvals on budgets, planning, head count,…
  • Department capex and ppex Management
  • Division Management
  • Budget planning and management for automation’s solutions
  • Mapping customer’s location into the platform
  • Harmonizing all Logistics Process and aligned with OPS and business
  • Blueprinting the process and listing projects (bottlenecks)
  • Decreasing error rate and lead-time
  • Negotiate, supervise and maintain 3pls
  • Communicating with other stakeholders
  • Regular Reporting on projects and progress
  • Other Dashboard management and administrations
  • Funnel and Lead-time management
  • Communicating with Product team on defining development sprints
  • Act as voice of the customer, team and operation at all Leadership meetings
  • Reconciliation process and cash collection management
  • 7+ years of experience in logistics, SCM or operation management
  • Bachelor’s in SCM, Operations Management, Supply Chain or a related technical field
  • 3+ years of experience in leading large-scale operations, SCM, and a proven track record of successfully setting up and executing supply chain operational processes
  • Solid experience in working with global and cross-functional stakeholders in a fast-paced environment
  • High tech supply chain experience is a plus
  • Strong communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills
  • Strong data analytics (Excel, SQL, PBI, etc.) and problem-solving skills
  • Strong influencing skills and ability to build relationships across multiple layers in the organization
  • Ability to lead in ambiguous situations, and deal effectively with conflicting priorities and changes

It's always a good idea to include the benefits of the job the company will provide such as:

  • Flexible hours to give you freedom and increase productivity
  • Life insurance for you and your family members
  • Work remotely in the comfort of your home
  • Free Gym membership so you can stay in shape
  • Fun and Energetic weekly team bonding events
  • etc.

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