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Job Description

Operations Coordinator

Administration and Office Support
Department Mission
  • The primary functions of an operations department include the design and management of products, services and processes. In addition, the operations department evaluates and allocates resources to effectively deliver products and services. Management of supply chains is also an essential function of an operations department.
  • Handling a diversity of jobs that guarantee the smooth regular operations of a business. Their tasks typically involve performing managerial duties, helping with project management, and organizing events.
  • Monitoring daily operational activities
  • Taking inventory and ordering office equipment
  • Direct Contact with stakeholders
  • Hire, training and team performance management
  • Helping with the management of regular functional activities.
  • Performing administrative tasks, like making travel arrangements, scheduling meetings, answering phones, etcetera.
  • Managing the maintenance and office supplies of office equipment.
  • To coordinate the appropriate allocation of human resources.
  • Assisting and arranging with the onboarding of new staff.
  • Assisting with project management by producing tasks, monitoring progress, and handling issues.
  • Managing external and internal stakeholder associations.
  • Managing budgets and preparing financial accounts for senior management.
  • Planning & organizing seminars, staff training, events, and employee engagement activities.
  • Maintaining and preparing operations documents as well as reports.
  • High school diploma/GED needed.
  • Bachelor’s level desirable.
  • Expertise in office management or even an administrative role.
  • Great people and communication management skills.
  • Great organizational and time management abilities.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office.
  • Capability to multitask as well as prioritize.
  • Self-starter with strong problem-solving abilities.

It's always a good idea to include the benefits of the job the company will provide such as:

  • Flexible hours to give you freedom and increase productivity
  • Life insurance for you and your family members
  • Work remotely in the comfort of your home
  • Free Gym membership so you can stay in shape
  • Fun and Energetic weekly team bonding events
  • etc.

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