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Job Description

Software Security Engineer

IT And Development
Department Mission
  • Become a part of the bigger picture and get ready to make important contributions to the development of innovative solutions.
  • To build a quality and comprehensive error-free technology infrastructure, establish and maintain an effective operational environment with 99.99% run time, and deliver quality, prompt, cost-effective, and reliable technology services to serve the best impossible experience for customers.
  • The role is to develop, implement and manage the security framework throughout the software development life cycle. You will perform security design reviews, risk modelling and code audits on both internal & external developed software.
  • Research and test new technologies
  • Proposing a multi-dimensional architecture construct
  • Collaborating with others to build and develop a quality
  • Monitoring and Oversee company's data
  • Managing users and user roles
  • Detecting, announcing, and correcting errors
  • Proposing new solutions
  • Study attackers TTP to understand their way-and-means
  • Design resilient detection capabilities to efficiently detect these new attacks and resolve them
  • Improve newly detected vulnerabilities
  • Investigate production cases and issues that appear with a widely deployed infrastructure
  • Participate in the design and evolution of new products
  • Bachelor's in software engineering
  • 6+ years’ experience in security technologies such as designing and implementing Privileged Access Workstation and Privileged Access Management
  • Solid knowledge of technical cybersecurity TTP related to Microsoft ecosystem
  • Strong capabilities in documenting complex attack scenario and explaining them clearly
  • Deep knowledge of technical cybersecurity concepts (security in-depth, application hardening, applied cryptography, etc.)
  • Experience in troubleshooting and resolving engineering problems
  • Proven record of experience working in an Agile DevOps environment
  • Solid knowledge of OWASP Top 10, Sans Top 25 and CERT Security Coding
  • Experience integrating with 3rd party SOC’s
  • Familiarity with system debugging tools, and various offensive security tools
  • Always being hands on

It's always a good idea to include the benefits of the job the company will provide such as:

  • Flexible hours to give you freedom and increase productivity
  • Life insurance for you and your family members
  • Work remotely in the comfort of your home
  • Free Gym membership so you can stay in shape
  • Fun and energetic weekly team bonding events
  • etc.

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