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Education and Training
Department Mission
  • Provide quality, cost-effective training designed to increase individual and organizational productivity and enrichment. Provide development opportunities that enhance knowledge, develop skills and enrich the organization.
  • Building and editing speeches for various events and goals. You can be employed in the corporate, political, or PR sectors, or perform freelance work for other companies. Speech Writers also conduct research and will on occasion spend time with the person who will be delivering the speech.
  • Submitting the speech outline
  • Implementing client feedback
  • Direct contact with clients
  • Knowledge of written briefs and meeting with clients to review the specifics of the speech, including construction, proper humor, and overall style.
  • Researching to get interesting facts and statistics that can be utilized in the speech.
  • Presenting the speech outline and after drafts for approval.
  • Rehearsing the speech out loud to make a sense of how great it runs and whether it is suited to the speaker or not.
  • Assuring that the speech is conversational and that the purposes will be cleared to the public.
  • Assuring the speaker is informed of how to include visual aids or props in their speech.
  • Programming a rehearsal session with the speaker if needed and giving them tips and advice.
  • Performing client feedback and making any edits to the speech immediately.
  • A Bachelor or master's degree in Journalism, Literature, Communications, Creative Writing, or a related system.
  • Experience in a similar position.
  • Outstanding research and analytical abilities.
  • Knowledge of public speaking.
  • Being able to remain flexible and complete multiple revisions if required.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Detailed-oriented person.

It's always a good idea to include the benefits of the job the company will provide such as:

  • Flexible hours to give you freedom and increase productivity
  • Life insurance for you and your family members
  • Work remotely in the comfort of your home
  • Free Gym membership so you can stay in shape
  • Fun and Energetic weekly team bonding events
  • etc.

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