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11 Best Applicant Tracking Systems in 2022

January 7, 2022

Hi there! What a pleasure it is to see you reading this post today since it demonstrates your desire to make significant and beneficial improvements in the recruitment process. Choosing the best system tracking app can really help you, and this is the method most employers use today. According to Capterra, 75% of recruiters and hiring professionals use an applicant tracking system to optimize their hiring processes. I think this statistic shows the importance of using this technology.

 Do you also use a recruiting software or an applicant tracking system? Or do you want to use it? There are several types of this technology, and deciding the best of them can help you grow your business. Today in this article, I want to introduce you to some of the best applicant tracking systems so that you can make the right choice.

What is an applicant tracking system?

Before introducing the best applicant tracking systems, I would like to talk about this technology and its benefits briefly. An applicant tracking system is a system that organizes applications and helps you make better hiring decisions. Using applicant tracking software lets you automate pre-qualifying questions, fast-tracking applicants that meet your requirements, and gracefully reject those who don't. A recent study revealed that recruiters skim resumes for 7.4 seconds before moving on. This is a knee-jerk reaction that runs counter to hiring best practices and reduces the quality of your team members' work. An applicant tracking solution will help you reduce this error and increase your hiring efficiency. The importance of spotting the right talent for the right seat, the requirement for automation and the recent technology shift made a new generation of recruiting softwares that offer fully automated and in-app nurturing campaigns, sourcing tools, assessments, interview tools using AI and deep learning called "Recruiting Platform".

Why does your company need a recruiting platform?

Today is the age talent war. To spot the right talent you need to be fast to hire in weeks, you need to be ahead of your competitors to source talents and assess them properly and you need to have a sort of employer branding to attract. According to a study by CareerBuilder, 40% of employees plan to change jobs this year. You can use a system to attract the best candidates and organize their application information after they apply. Here are some benefits of a recruiting platform for your company:

  • One of the benefits of recruiting platform is that you can customize it according to your business needs. The system allows you to add or edit fields so that resumes will match your company's style. You can even upload videos, images, or personal toned paragraphs to increase your recruitment results. Besides, a customized application form allows you to streamline the hiring process and attract more qualified candidates.
  • You can easily review, analyze and edit candidates' information. It is a good idea to post your job openings on as many channels as possible. However, remember that hiring the right people takes time and money. It is best to invest in scalable tech to attract the right talent. And one more, modern recruiting platforms offers AI sourcing tools to scrap the net and provide talents according to the job description, location, salary and more in just one click!!! Amazing, right?
  • It helps you in employer branding with career sites, white label services that only leverage your own branding. Your company's brand and culture will be reflected in the recruitment process with the selection process. It will also be more effective in attracting talent from different demographics by increasing your reach.
  • In addition to increasing the number of qualified applicants, you will be able to save time and money by using a robust recruiting platform that streamlines the process and eliminates manual tasks to only focus on the right people. 
  • It will organize and store your applicants' information in a central analyzed database of candidates either active, passive, rejected or hired. It can filter and rate candidates and integrate them within your HR system. It helps you avoid the hassles of sending emails to candidates, and help to only receive the best candidates. An applicant tracking system can help you manage your hiring processes more effectively. This way, you can hire the best people in less time.
  • In addition to automating the recruitment process, applicant tracking systems also help companies monitor the quality of applicants. Many ATS’s can recognize keywords in cover letters and resumes, increasing getting the right candidate. However, they can also miss out on a great candidate with a particular background. If you don't want to risk missing out on a great candidate, choose an ATS that offers this functionality.
  • Recruiting platforms provide modern assessments, interview tools, auto scheduling and nurturing campaigns.

Based on our experiences, QPage is the best option if you’re looking to source and hire the best talent… the first time. There’s a robust free plan, plus features for onboarding, new-hire welcome kits, and employee management.

 11 Best Applicant Tracking Systems

The features of an ATS should improve the hiring process. Some include automated email reminders, built-in communication channels, and job-posting features. All of these advantages will help you find the best candidates and collaborate more effectively with your recruiters. Some of the best ATS’s are:


Average Cost: $$$$

Custom Pricing / Free Trial

The Teamtailor platform makes it easy for small and mid-sized businesses to manage their candidate pipeline. 4,000+ organizations use this employer branding software to attract and nurture a talent pool. By streamlining your recruiting process with this solution, you'll attract more qualified candidates, increase employee engagement, and make smarter hiring decisions. It manages the entire recruitment process, including your candidate pool and providing a full career website. Additionally, you can connect Teamtailor to social media and other third-party sites, like LinkedIn, to provide an additional platform for recruiting.

Customise your Teamtailor Dashboard!


Average Cost: $$$$$

Custom Pricing / Demo Available

Greenhouse is ideal for midsize  to large enterprises. Its flexibility allows you to set up teams and integrate with other calendars. It also provides comprehensive visibility into the candidate pipeline. This applicant tracking system allows you to manage candidates from start to finish and save time and resources. The calendar feature helps you schedule interviews and integrates with other calendars. Notifications for interviewers and candidates are sent to all the relevant parties. The Greenhouse ATS has the flexibility to scale to a small or large organization. You can also connect TestGorilla with the platform for a fully integrated recruitment process. It can be used with any ATS and can be easily integrated.


Average Cost: $

Free Forever Starter Pack / Free Trial for Advanced Packs

When looking for a great solution that does not burn a hole in your pocket while offers all you need in one roof, use QPage a one-stop recruiting platform. With QPage you can manage different workspaces, create custom pipelines, manage the pool of candidates with automated AI analytics, psychometrics assessments, knowledge assessment and design automated workflows in cohort and sequence campaigns to nurture candidates. Integrated AI features allow you to cut on copywriting and help with job descriptions, a variety of email templates, interview questions even the techy ones and more. Besides, QPage interface is very clean and clear for all kinds of user skill levels, making it a go-to option for both experienced recruiters, and beginners in the field. 

ATS dashboard QPage

QPage automates your hiring process and helps to cut the costs of recruitment by AI sourcing to scrap the net and look for the most fit-in candidates. With its advanced reporting and visualization features, you can track your success rate as an employer, as well as see how successful your decision-making was. You can easily access your pool of contacts and have profiles of candidates analyzed within seconds.  


Average Cost: $$

Flexible Pricing

VidCruiter is a comprehensive recruiting tool with a pre-recorded and live video interviewing system, automated scheduling, and reference-checking software. A key feature of VidCruiter is its multilingual support. The recruitment software supports all major languages, allowing you to communicate with your global workforce. The hiring process is also more accessible to employees with different backgrounds, as the software tracks applicants throughout the process. It also provides easy-to-use information about the candidate's progress and offers easy-to-understand information on every step of the recruitment process. The software comes with pre-built reports and supports the creation of custom reports. 


Average Cost: $$$$

Custom Pricing

The Lever is a talent management system that allows users to customize the application process. It can be used to manage multiple applications for different roles. The system also lets users provide a default test for various candidates. Then, they can override that default test with other ones. The ATS also provides a variety of reports and privacy controls. With recent funding from Matrix Partners and Y Combinator, the company is on its way to gaining widespread adoption.


Average Cost: $$$

Starting $600/month / Custom Startup Pack

Pinpoint is a candidate application system that makes the entire recruitment process easier and more efficient. The platform includes features to manage applicant profiles, email templates, and collect feedback from hiring managers. It even automates the scheduling of interviews, which reduces the time spent on administrative tasks by as much as 80%. All in all, it offers an excellent candidate experience and is an ideal choice for companies with over 100 employees.


Average Cost: $$$$

$91/month / Free Trial

Recruitee ATS is a popular recruitment software. The service is a great choice for a small business because it can be used by one employee or by a large team. It is easy to use and integrates with other systems, such as email, social media, and other websites. This software can make the recruitment process simpler and more effective. Recruitee is designed to track and retain information on all applicants and candidates. It can also log written and verbal communication. It is easy to access this information and make changes as needed. In my opinion, if you are a startup, this is the best choice.


Average Cost: $$

Custom Pricing

ClearCompany is the an affordable solution for hiring in the recruiting industry. However, the company's pricing structure is a big turn-off. This ATS is not GoogleforJobs compliant and requires a lot of custom coding. Whether you get a customizable resume or create a custom interview scorecard, ClearCompany can help you get it done.

ClearCompany |

A robust recruiting software system should be integrated with your HRIS system. This helps you make better business decisions and find the right candidates faster. ClearCompany is completely integrated with your HRIS system, unlike other recruiting software solutions. Using your current HR information, you'll be able to see which employees are bringing in the most revenue. And since your hiring process is automated, you can eliminate manual processes that can slow your process.

Trakstar Hire

Average Cost: $$

Custom Pricing / Demo Available

Trakstar Hire is a powerful, customizable HR solution for small businesses. It is a simple, straightforward solution with more than 2,000 customers and hundreds of integrations. Trakstar Hire provides full-featured solutions for talent management, recruitment, and learning management. It also includes an applicant tracking system to facilitate collaborative hiring and streamline the hiring workflow. And because it encourages collaboration and employee ownership, hiring is a breeze. Whether you're looking for a new employee or need to make your following interview a success, this application makes the whole process easier and faster.


Average Cost: $$$$

Starting $99/Job Posting / Trial

One of the main advantages of Workable is its ease of use. The software requires no setup or installation, and there is no learning curve to learn how to use it. Its clean interface makes it easy to browse and manage candidates. Besides that, it facilitates cost-effective job promotion. The application posts your job on free online job boards and discounts premium ones. Its search function also makes it easier to find the perfect candidate.

Although Workable offers customizable pricing plans, it is important to keep in mind that some of its features are only available as annual plans. In addition, the platform has a limited onboarding feature. It does not offer background checks, payroll, or training schedules. Most employers will have to manage these aspects through third-party providers. But Workable does offer email support and integration with Zoom.


Average Cost: $$$

Free Pack / Free Trial for Advanced Packs

If you are in the HR department, you may be interested in learning about BreezyHR. This HR software is a combination of web design software and recruitment programs. The career portals let you showcase new job candidates and offer features such as photo galleries and customizable colors. They also allow you to redirect candidates to application sites.

The Breezy makes it easy to manage a candidate's career journey. The platform also helps you set up interviews and bulk email notification messages. It also keeps track of the recruiting chain, allowing you to manage and monitor each hiring process step. Once an employee is hired, BreezyHR lets you follow up on their progress remotely. In addition, the system is easy to integrate with other HR software. This is the perfect HR software for small businesses and fast-growing organizations alike.

And The Last Word

Using the best recruiting platform to organize, track, and evaluate applications can save you time and money. A successful applicant tracking system will store all information about the applicants and the job openings in a centralized database. You can easily move between applications, compare candidates, and update the status of candidates. The software will also allow you to search for candidates and filter them according to criteria. All of these advantages will make your job easier and save you time and money.

A good ATS should also be flexible, allowing you to grow as your company grows. It should be able to handle increased numbers of users and improve their functionality. It should be accessible to search and prioritize relevant results and allow you to save your favorite searches. There are plenty of features available in an ATS, and the best ones will be scalable to your business's needs. In this article, I have introduced the top 10 ATS for you, I hope you can choose the best one for your company.

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