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15 Top Content Writer Interview Questions

January 25, 2022

Getting prepared for an interview? Here are several tips for interview preparation as well as several sample interview questions.

Tips for preparing for a content writer interview

What are the ingredients of quality content? Usually, there exists a plethora of factors to create a content article excellent. But like other top content writer interview questions, your interviewer only expects you to share the key components indispensable to any write-up. You must remember that as a content writer, you must only focus on providing the best possible-written pieces that are not only informative but would also be appreciated by the readers. Below are the six key components that a content writer should consider while answering this interview question:

Writing style

One of the most common content writer interview questions is about your writing style. You might be asked how you choose your writing style and what factors develop your particular style. As a professional content writer, your answer will be heavily influenced by the type of clients you work for and the structure of the jobs you work with. However, your answer can also be tailored to your personal preference and interests, as well as the interviewer. When you're asked the question, you'll want to be prepared with some good examples of your own writing style to show off your versatility.

Your interviewer is looking for someone who can provide a quality write-up, not just someone who can produce impressive output with limited and standard writing styles.

Work ethics

This is one of the important factors that your answer will significantly impact the interviewer's attitude. You will probably be asked to justify or explain the ethics behind your writing. The most fundamental rule of business ethics is "Do what you would do." Suppose you are recruited to generate content marketing material for a customer who is simply interested in profit. In that case, your ethics and values will have to come into play during the interview - it is critical to be transparent and honest with potential clients and answer questions honestly.

You will likely find a wide range of answers to this question. For example, some writers might claim that their work doesn't contain any deception or dishonesty. Others might claim that they simply write what they feel comfortable writing, regardless of whether their personal stake in the topic is strong or weak. Your interviewer needs to hear an explanation of how you personally choose to approach the topic, how your writing influences your clients, and why your clients hire you over someone else with a similar skill set.

Writing skills

One of the most important Content Writer interview questions deals with your writing skills. It's no secret that you need to be a good writer to land this particular content job. The interviewer is looking for someone who can craft good content, not perfect at every single writing attempt. This doesn't mean that you should write one article and submit it to various websites. Instead, your goal should be to write a high-quality content piece that can be used by a variety of different publications. When the interviewer asks you to produce examples of content written in this manner, you need to provide at least three different writings that have been used to qualify for the job.

Types of formats that you work with

Another of the common content writer interview questions deals with the various types of formats that you work with. Perhaps you prefer to write in a format that allows you to focus on the details while keeping everything else about the story simple. Or maybe you like to create large content marketing campaigns that require you to do a great deal of reporting, which you can then condense down into several different formats. The more you understand the different formats you work in, the easier it will be to explain your preferred writing style and deliver your best content marketing write-ups.

That was one of the questions I was asked in an interview recently. The interviewer asked me to talk to them about the format of my post. This was something for which the answer was fundamental. And the best thing I did was briefly explain the format in one sentence and immediately sent him a sample article. The sample article answered this question, and I successfully passed this stage.

Ability to provide credible research and references

One of the general content writer interview questions deals with your ability to provide credible research and references. As an author, you must demonstrate your credibility with your own published works and those of others. The question also asks you to describe what sources you have used to support your written pieces. So you must be able to back up the information you provide with citations to reputable, third-party sources. Suppose you are asked to produce many articles to qualify for the job. In that case, you must ensure that you submit relevant articles for the type of project and that you provide credible and thorough research.

Off-page SEO

The last question on the list will concern you about off-page SEO. You will be asked to show your ability to optimize your website for search engines, including Google, and demonstrate that you understand how to use keywords effectively. Off-page SEO is the process of optimizing your website for the search engine bots, such as Google.

To do this successfully, you must have a solid understanding of keyword research, including selecting relevant keywords and incorporating them into your content. Many Content Writers don't have this kind of knowledge. As a result, they waste a lot of time figuring out the best way to optimize their website when it could be far easier to simply hire a professional SEO company to handle the work for them. Don't expect to get the job if you can't write well enough to impress any of these interviewers.

Some common content writer interview questions

Here are some common questions from content writer interviews. I hope it can help you get an overview of this process:

  1. Which Signs Of Good SEO Writing Are You Aware Of?

To be effective, SEO content must be both educational and entertaining to the readers. It should also adhere to a set of standards that aid search engine crawlers in indexing it.

  1. Before you begin writing, what should you know about the project?

Questioning and investigation should be the first step for any excellent content creator. Who is the intended audience for this product? In what ways does this initiative succeed or fail? Writers who claim to "just start writing" should be avoided.

  1. Among your best customers, what characteristics have you found to be common?

There are numerous reasons why knowing your target audience is critical. One example is that it aids in determining the most appropriate tone, language, and level of readability for your work. Technical language should be used carefully by a good content writer who knows when to use it.

  1. Do you have any ideas for capturing the tone of our company?

Whether you're looking for content writers for your company website, check if their voice matches your brand's. Candidates should be familiar with your site's existing copy and talk confidently about it during the interview.

  1. When it comes to creating content for our company's target market, how would you go about it?

Inquiring into how a potential writer thinks in response to this question might give you insight into how well that writer's thinking fits with your industry, business, and the type of content you want to create.

  1. Do you have experience writing in a variety of styles, tones, and voices?

Establishing a style, tone, and voice for your content is essential to constructing a strong, unified brand. Others, on the other hand, can only write in a few specific styles. It doesn't matter who you hire as long as they can match the brand's style, tone, and voice.

  1. Do You Have A Strong Work Ethic?

To be of any service to you or your business, a content writer must ever submit their work to you. If a writer is good at time management or realistic about how much they can do in a day, a full-time job shouldn't be a problem for them.

Instead, inquire about the methods used by the authors to complete the assignments. Or do they procrastinate until the last minute to get things done? Are there any examples of their submitting work after their due date? Was the client informed in advance if this happened?

  1. What CMSes have you used in the past?

Depending on your requirements, you may be seeking a writer who can upload content directly to your site. In these situations, you'll need a writer familiar with a popular content management system like Magento or WordPress.

  1. Exactly What Do You Mean By Reliable Resources?

It's critical to pay attention to the most minor details in everything you do, including composing content. It's a no-no to make stuff up out of thin air, but a writer should be mindful that not all sources are created equal.

  1. Do You Have a Specific Proofreading Method?

Good proofreading is more than just re-reading your content on the computer screen. Proofreading should be part of the writing process, and a skilled writer will have more than one option for doing so. In addition to reading aloud, I also go through a printed copy several times to make sure everything is correct. When in doubt, mention my super-ninja trick: reading it backward.

  1. What Are Your Career Highlights To Date?

You should provide a solution that has something to do with your job search and your intended career path. Show how you saved money, improved efficiency, or raised income for a former employer.

  1. What are your strategies for using keywords in your writing?

It's difficult to use the wrong frequencies when you have the wrong keywords and places in your text. It is not permissible in Content Writing to use the keyword phrase in this manner. Always use organic, semantic, and grammatical language while creating an enclosure.

  1. Could you tell me more about "white papers"?

Technical knowledge can be conveyed to readers and organizations more effectively by means of a white paper. It simplifies complex phrases, so they are more easily understood.

  1. What Distinguishes Writing for SEO from All Other Types of Writing?

When it comes to SEO content writing, it's a specific art form with approaches that differ from those employed in other forms of copywriting, such as print, billboard, and television advertising. The website's content must be structured and developed with search engines in mind so that the pages may be found and listed.

  1. What Was Your Creative Process for This Piece?

Select one of the "clips" or a prospective writer's writing samples to inquire about in-depth during an interview. The objective is to better understand the process through which they arrive at the final product.


In summary, a content writing interview can be a little difficult for some people. However, once you understand how to prep for a content writing interview, you will find it much easier to land the job you want. Start practicing your writing skills. Write down articles or content you would like to see written and make sure that they are easy to understand. Finally, check out our site for more tips on how to prepare for content writing interviews!

So how useful was this article for you? The sample questions I wrote are the main parts of a content writing interview. So if you have enough mastery of these and other similar questions, you will be able to pass this stage successfully. I hope your worries and stress have eased a bit, but if you still need advice, write us so other users and we can help.

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