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Advantages of an Applicant Tracking System to the Recruiter?

September 1, 2021

6 Reasons Why a Recruiter Should Use ATS in 2021

Getting the potential and right talent to work and surpassing the competitions has gained much attention during the past few years. Many leaders have dabbed it as “War on Talent.” Many agencies have released tons of articles and surveys on how to become the winning side in this crisis.

This so-called war has given birth to newer HR technologies over the past decades and driven them into an overdrive mode, consequently introducing new automated and advanced methods into the market to aid recruiters to pick the desired candidates better and to get rid of the heavy burdens of choosing employees through a paper-based system.

The new version of ATS or Applicant Tracking Systems so-called "Autonomous Recruiting Platform" has taken companies by storm, putting smiles on faces and bringing satisfaction to the Recruiters Team who is in charge of pumping the right individuals and revolutionised the industry, effectively bringing the war on talents to a peaceful ending.

Today, we’ll go over the most significant aspects of ATS tools and point out the highlighted merits they put forth.

Advantages of Applicant Tracking Softwares (ATS):

The following listed advantages of ATS help the companies grow and to be more efficient through the automation of recruitment procedures.

1. Establishing a Collaborative Hiring Strategy

QPage - Collaborative Hiring Strategy

By adding the "Autonomous Recruiting" ATS system to your hiring strategies, you’ll get your hands on a broader range of networks and social spaces. For example, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other digital platforms are at your disposal to more effectively aim for the best candidates and to build a highly engaging talent community.

A collaborative hiring strategy also injects your Recruiter team with the ideology of working with different internal and external participants to gain access to a massive flock of qualified applicants, a procedure that they will enjoy since it makes their work a whole lot less back-breaking.

2. Simplifying outreach to relevant data

The hiring data process and all its transactions sometimes can be overwhelming and extensively confusing for HR managers. ATS simplifies and dumbs down the complications and paves the way to a more easy-to-understand conclusion. It gives HR managers the necessary tools for a hassle-free and fast exchange of information about the candidates while keeping everybody in the loop and updated. To achieve a better perspective on the subject, as one of the best features of an applicant tracking system, it gives the hiring crew the necessary dashboards they always sought to land on a balanced fully-informed decision.

3. The Pre-assessment of the Candidates

We’ve all tasted the unpleasantness of having to spend time and resources on candidates, in the first interview, just to be left with a sad sigh at the end of the meeting, only because they were in no ways even close to what we had pictured them to be; mainly, since we couldn’t measure them before the interview started.

ATS counters this problem by working with third-party providers and sending out aptitude tests, personality tests, and other types of personal or professional assessments to shortlisted candidates. It prevents head-thumping interviews from happening that take away precious resources from the company and helps the HR department to tell if an applicant has the required skills and talents and even if they would fit into the team or have the mentality to be a part of the company.

4. Automated Interview

Don’t waste your time coming up with interview schedules or coordinating meetings for applicants; this is far from the past. Today, the applicant tracking system automates all these procedures and manages interview sessions. The hiring team can swoop in when needed and stay out of useless activities; instead, they’ll focus their attention on more humane steps in hiring a new person.

5. Faster and Better Results

In our time, speed surpasses everything; if you’re fast, if you’re a leading company, then you’re a winner. Probably the most dominant aspect of an ATS system can be located in its fast-paced practical nature.

This life-altering technology can integrate easily into a company’s system. Through it, file management, recruiting, time, and payrolls improve significantly, and a significant cut-down on costs comes shortly after. Additionally, Autonomous ATS adapts the newest tweaks in HR technology to stay updated, and they never fall short. Resourceful ATS providers magnify their work by continually introducing a broader and more reliable range of features into their tools, enhancing the strategic role of HR, and in the process helping recruiters and their analysts.

6. Coordinated With Cloud-based Services

To survive in today’s highly competitive industry, an applicant tracking system needs to be on the cloud. It automatically translates into everyone somehow involved in the system, having access to its different parts and all the necessary information. Utilising this online system, grants HR staff uninterrupted control over the whole procedure, regardless of the staff’s geographical position. Also, they can check the system at any time, something that was not possible in the older, more traditional legacy business software.

Gathering up from the above notes, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to any player in the game that millions of dollars are going into developing better versions of ATS, CRM, and such tools. Only in 2016, U.S companies alone invested over two billion dollars in HR technologies, and it didn’t stop there since more money goes into developing the perfect HR application, which can tackle all the problems. A massive chunk of these investments, to clarify, went into integrated human resource management or HRMS, but today we’re watching a more focused on mobile technologies, social media, and AI.

The Warp-up

Either if you’re building your startup from scratch or you have hundreds of people working for you in your well-respected company, you can’t deny the positive and impactful features of integrating a functional and useful ATS technology into your business and helping out your recruiting units with their job. This type of HR system improves the overall performance marks, boosts the hiring experience for both you and the applicants. We strongly recommend you to start looking more seriously into these technologies before it’s too late.

At the cost of a one-time investment of not even a penny by using with no user restriction, you can save up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in recruitment processes, which makes perfect sense to any executive suit. So, instead of stressing about the immediate prices and freaking out, think of the future and the amount of money you will be saving by opting for a very professional HR technology today.

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