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Announcing 2021 QPage Plans and Pricing Updates

November 2, 2021

Today, QPage is announcing new plans and pricing to align with the needs of all of our different customers.

We are continuously adding capabilities to the QPage Platform to make it better for everyone, from individual founders, recruiters, agencies to large enterprises with thousands in hiring team. Along with new and innovative capabilities, we know that it’s important to offer plans for all types of customers too.

QPage for Recruiters

QPage was started by recruiters and built for recruiters. We have added great tools and capabilities over the last 18 months, including the QMail, Inbox, Assessments and video interview.

These updates have not only delivered incremental value, they’ve redefined the recruiting management. In the last year, we’ve shipped more than 50 features and improvements, including significant ones like:

  • QMail
  • CName and White label services including ssl certs
  • Machine-led interview
  • Assessment
  • AI Assistant
  • Data Localisation
  • Integration with 4 new job boards

All this innovation and capability is now available via

  • Starter Plan: We’ve made our free/forever powerful plan. Now single recruiters can automate their recruiting workflow at no cost. $0.

  • Standard Plan: Since our free tier is now a single product, it no longer makes sense to have other plans with number of seats, but by providing the ability for the teams decide how many seats they need.  We are changing essential and standard plan and merge it to a new QPage Standard Plan with so much lower price. QPage Standard will be available at €19/month per user, and our existing Essential and standard plan customers will be migrated to this plan within a year.

  • Pro Plan: Our customers were understandably liked the Premium plan. The new price is designed per user and packed premium features effective Nov, 2022. Contact Sales for more information.

Note: LTD plans will remain the same with no changes and will receive future updates upon their plan.

QPage for enterprises

In addition to other plans, enterprises have increasingly become key QPage customers over the year. Because we recognize that enterprises have significant needs beyond those of smaller teams of recruiters, we’ve made massive investments this year to address those needs and we will keep adding possibilities on this plan

QPage Enterprise is our most comprehensive plan and represents the complete QPage Recruiting Platform. This plan is tailored to the needs of organizations who want to deploy QPage at scale for their recruiting ecosystem. It is specifically designed to help enterprises on the journey to building modern recruiting applications.

In addition to all the great recruiting tools, QPage Enterprise also includes:

  • New User Management Service
  • Features to manage users, collaboration, and governance at scale
  • Unlimited user seats and pipeline in month
  • Access to QPage experts for onboarding and pipeline enablement
  • Customer Success
  • Solutions Engineering
  • Enterprise Support
  • Via email with two-hour response time

If you have further questions about the new plans, we are here to help! You can reach us at

Announcing 2021 QPage Plans and Pricing Updates

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