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What you need to do if you want to attract top talents

September 1, 2021

What you need to do if you want to attract top talents.

Have you hit a road bump along the way of finding the best fits on the job market? Does your recruitment team struggle to get the best candidates hooked because it is missing a certain appealing prestige and stature? What do you need to do to attract the top talents to your agency?

If all the questions asked above serve as an unbearable headache throwing you off and feel incompletely helpless in the race to hiring the top talents, we have a few easy steps to improve the poor outbound message of your brand.

In a strong job market, top-tier talent leans towards the companies that emit unique culture, competitive pay, and chances for growth. If you want to get rid of your hiring problem and attract the top talents, you have to give them what they want; in this case, all the things mentioned before.

As Kim Stewart, SVP and director of talent management for First Citizens Bank put it: “An organization’s strength is determined largely by the quality of its talent,” said Kim Stewart. In a competitive hiring environment, the way to attract great talent is by providing an influential organizational culture and opportunities for people to grow.”

Studies have shown that roughly half of a company’s employees are under the impression that they have landed a long-term job and career working in their current position. For most of them, the work spills the feeling of a short run! The genuinely crazy statistics show indicates that of the other half, 32% have put down their feet to leave their jobs by the end of 2020.

All considered, to become a place where people feel safe and appreciated and actually interested in staying for the long-haul takes time and some pretty precise and delicate strategic approaches. If you follow such programs, you can be sure that the top talents would rally up in front of your doors, waiting to work for your amazingly successful company.

Determine Your Company’s Visions, and Values

Pinpoint the exact and most essential skills and values which don’t collide with your company’s perspective. After doing so, fill these positions without forfeiting those values and just going with the next person that bangs on your door. This way, you put out a strong and impressive vibe that nobody can take advantage of the lack of values in your company.

Stewart continues: “Candidates have a better time assessing their fit when you’re clear with your employer brand and values from the outset. Employees feel more engaged and are more likely to flourish when their values are aligned with those of their employer.”

Forbes magazine strongly suggests acknowledging your company’s value proposition and the target audience. You have to be an excellent pitcher to sell your recruitment offer, so it’s super essential to truly unearth your company’s selling points.

Create an Employee-focused Culture

According to an article on Harvard Business Review: “Organizations rarely take a hard look at what they can give people, and so they are continually disappointed by their recruiting. Whittle down the list of attributes you want to those you are willing to pay for, whether with money or intangibles.”

The thing to remember is that today’s workforce craves validation as well. So, show your workers that you care about them through programs such as employee-recognition, performance bonuses, and providing a comfortable and friendly working space for them.

Also, aid them in letting out stress and feeling relaxed and chilled. To do so, set up activities such as yoga, outdoor camping tours, company picnics, office parties and birthday celebrations, and athletic competitions on a regular-based timing schedule.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Make Employees a Part of The Hiring Process

Satisfied and happy employees tend to stick around and stay longer. They also tend to attract top talent to your company. You ask why? Well, because they’ve had such a great time and experience in the cooperative and friendly atmosphere you’ve created that they want to get more people like themselves involved with your company.

On an Inc.com article, it’s been pointed out that: “That way, when your employee meets someone impressive in her daily life, she can slip him a card indicating that your company may be a great fit for his skills and experience. Remember: there’s nothing like a good old ego boost to pique a potential recruit’s interest in your company’s employment opportunities.”

Referral incentives also help encourage your employees to bring in the top talents into your ranks. To get the ball rolling, consider rewarding these actions with gift cards, cash bonuses, and extra time off.

Go Out and Meet People

The old ways never get old. In the era of smartphones and soulless meetups, some hold physical meetings (in person) above all other forms of social interactions. Luckily for you, when it comes to hiring the top talents, a physical introduction goes a long way.

Meeting a potential candidate builds trust and friendship between you and the candidate and sets up the atmosphere for them to get to know your company and values better and more profoundly. However, going out for a coffee before the interview can double the positive effects. This way, they will be more inclined to work for you because they know what they’re applying for.

If you know you will eventually need to hire a skilled software developer or an up-and-coming accountant, go to networking events that top talent will be attending. “Tapping into a specific talent pool can yield great results--especially from candidates who aren’t actively pursuing opportunities,” according to the Inc.com article on creative recruiting.

Campus recruiting can act as an alternative when it comes to providing a pipeline for future top talents. You can do this by attending job fairs, sponsoring events, taking in interns for the summers, and continuing this path.

State a Strong Online Presence

We are living in the age of social media where pretty much nothing stays under wraps for a long time, especially if it’s the opportunity of being hired by a prestigious company. Social media platforms are great places for top talents to search and be headhunted by hiring agents. In the search for these highly-skilled superheroes, you can use the keywords to your benefit. Implementing keywords in the job titles promoted on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter helps the candidates to find you more efficiently and help you by sticking out the most talented.

Also, sharing is caring, and social media is the mainstay for sharing information. The more you expand your arms of influences on social media by sharing appropriate company information, the more people get excited about your values and goals. In the route to doing so, don’t forget to put out exciting content posts in forms of videos, articles, and pictures. Show what differentiates your company and makes it a great place to work.


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