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Content marketing to advance your recruiting strategy in 2022

January 26, 2022
Content marketing is the only marketing that's left! - Seth Godin.

Providing rich content will lead to attracting a targeted audience. And that is why ti is the at the core of 85 percent of recruitment marketers nowadays.

Here I will thoughts and tips on content marketing in the recruitment process.

Why content marketing for recruiting?

Hiring is challenging for many from an early stage of a company to enterprises. It always looks like there is a lack of the right people to precisely fit in the job. Capable experts are not rare, although attracting them to your corp may be tricky.

Recruiters are no longer the only ones searching for candidates' past history these days. Candidates search around companies to make sure of the right decision. That makes employer branding a crucial part of recruiting strategies.

Creating value and build a trust as a content strategy. That will help you provide rich content for job seekers, describing your culture, values and who you guys are.

5 recruiting content ideas

If you are still reading this, you might have the same belief. I want to merge it with content marketing to conduct an efficient recruitment program.

Remember, content marketing makes you look professional in your industry, and it's good for your brand awareness. If you already count on this marketing method, congratulations; you are a step ahead of others who don't. But if you don't, no need to worry. Just act as I say further in this article.

Step 1: Build a stunning blog

Building a recruiting blog, it's not a fast solution if you want to start hiring right now, but think long-term. You could take advantage of your blog in current recruitment if you did earlier.

People are sick and tired of ads. Yes, they are still out there, and they are still effective, but not as before, trust me!

Instead, people are looking for resources to answer their questions and create value freely! That's what a great blog does.

You can cover behind the scenes in your firm that is attractive for candidates. Also, covering the company's inside announcements and its accomplishments can be an attractive strategy.

Identify the writing skills of any capable employee within the organization, from the CEO to the engineers and the HR team, to help develop their own view of the organization and its goal.

Remember the fact I mentioned earlier, scripts alone are boring! Use multimedia.

Step 2: Print brochures

Although main channels for content marketing are online these days, offline channels are still out there. Brochures, for example.

These print media can act as an offline version of your blog. Also, they can be used as fast solutions.

Forming a decent blog takes time to be sufficient. In comparison, brochures can attract proper candidates soon.

To make them effective, you must use good content. Talk about the salient points of the company, the firm's values, and culture. Mention the positions you are hiring for to clarify what skills you need in the corp.

Fact: You do not have to print up the brochures. Make a pdf copy available on the website, job pages or automatically send it to the candidates once they applied for a job via email.

Step 3: Make infographics

People love stats! Their eyes shine when they see numbers explaining things. They understand things better with statistics.

If you want to make the most out of this desire, use infographics—images mixed with related stats about different topics.

I know a startup who was looking for back-end developers to join their team. They designed a hilarious infographic about back-end developing the job among all their methods to find a suitable person.

They gathered any information you could imagine and put the noticeable ones in the infographic. Including the hardness of the job, the number of developers worldwide, minimum and maximum wage for them, etc.

Amazingly the infographic brought a great source of candidates. That is the power of infographics.

Step 4: Produce podcasts

Some years ago, when I entered the world of marketing, I believed that the end for podcasts was near at that time. Deadly wrong, I was! They were just starting.

Also, I'm a huge fan of podcasts on a broad set of categories, from crypto to history. I find consuming this kind of content enjoyable, like around 120 million other people in the US.

Back to our subject, podcasts are a great way to strengthen the friendship between you and your customers. I strongly recommend making room for podcasts in your content marketing strategy.

The magic fact about podcasts is that initially, it's a medium for staying in touch with your loyal users. The ones that are your voice advertise your brand freely. So why not ask for their help when you are looking for someone capable of doing a job?

You can bring colleagues from different departments for the mean of interviewing. Cover industry news, announce the statements of the firm.

In one sentence, care about the quality.

Steps 5: Take advantage of videos

Videos are the most consumed type of content these days. Ninety-nine percent of people enjoy watching videos from a brand online. Almost everyone likes it.

Use different platforms to produce content for a wider reach. You can upload motion graphics, live streams, product introductions behind the scenes of your company, etc.

There are tons of creative ideas, so just try to be creative and use the ones that are ideally related to your recruiting strategy.

Content Marketing is a Win-Win Strategy

As you read in this article, content marketing can bring positive results in many aspects.It helps you look professional while becoming a strong media in your field of work.It increases your brand awareness. Not only that, but it helps you build your tribe consisting of your loyal customers.Therefore, it is not surprising when you have a recruiting process ahead; it helps you find better candidates for each position.

Please send this article to your friends who have a hard time finding good employees and I really hope that this blog post is worth your precious time, mainly you, who stayed with me until the final words.

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