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The other side of COVID-19 is shiny

September 1, 2021

The Other Side of COVID-19 is Shiny

TL:DR; I am not here to waste your time echoing what has been already delivered.

COVID-19 outbreak is deadly for both humankind and the ecosystem to some extent, though I am not a scientist nor a researcher to tell what scientific facts around the case are. The only thing is to wash your hands and stay at home.

Though here is the catch itself, isn’t it? While people are staying at home, it means the beginning of a new era. This is a pure opportunity for humankind. Of course, it has had its own drawbacks and downsides, but what doesn’t.

It’s a new market and the backbone will be dominantly the internet. This will most likely change the way we live, work, exercise or even think.

What I mean is, the longer impact can be that the main and giant cities and high populated area will no longer be the only places where people can really live without concerns around getting a job, why? Dude, companies are getting remote aka work distance. Land prices might see a drop in city centers where the crowd sets of offices.

Customer behavior will change drastically to online demanding, more seamless and simple service providers. I don’t mean just the top markets and countries like the US, EU or Japan. I do mean lower developed countries and markets like Africa, the Middle East, etc. where internet penetration is low in people’s day to day life. I do mean immigration could slow down and living anywhere in the world could be more of the same. Individualized service will be at the center of people management and the meaning of perks may change to real ones.

Companies will require more investment to expand their services by bringing up infrastructure to the other small markets where they have had no logical RoI to date.

Home offices market from health tech to HR and entertainment will boom. You know what I mean. The demand. Imagine a daily life from 8 AM to 8 PM works including morning run, lunch-time, exercise and evening walk. Imagine a lack of stress and politics in workplaces where people less influence the power, less nepotism and probably the increases in the value of the real work.

Entrepreneur life may see an outbreak this time! People will find time to think more and come up with new idea, while getting to test the idea is getting extremely cheaper and faster.

All in all, here is the catch! The future looks brighter with healthier lives and lower stress while productivity gets boosted. Wait for it! Well, I’d rather go beyond and make it happen.


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