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Why is the human resource the backbone of every industry

September 1, 2021

People are the Core of Everything

Human resources are the primary pillar upon which a successful organization lives and continues to be profitable. It’s no wonder that the biggest fishes like Google, Facebook, Apple, and other similarly-impactful organizations, reach such a level of success. Many might incorporate this with their futuristic intuition and innovative technologies; however, the answer lies elsewhere. In reality, the human resources department plays a crucial role in the success of such profitable companies. They are tasked with nurturing trust, growth, and culture; in other words, they build up the organization’s work culture. Thanks to human resources, the top 100 organizations are recognized with their own unique working culture and people policies that motivate candidates and talents to join them.

When it comes to safeguarding the organization’s values, human resources are the valiant knight at the spear of the company upholding and protecting the traditions and culture of the whole system. They harmonize different departments and create a common ground for everybody to work in.

society need human resources to carry on

Truth to be told

All parts of our society need human resources to carry on. The same as the government, the business sector relies on human resources to implement policies and strategies related to each living organism of the organization, like each individual. And, to take responsibility for their actions and behaviors. Besides the administration of a country, business areas require Human Resource, with the end goal to complete the capacities to assume add up to liability in actualizing approaches and methodologies identified with the administration of people in that association.

Although we live in an era when humans find themselves more than ever dependent on machines and their technologies, no computer would ever exist without the human mind. Despite the common belief of “machines replacing humans,” it’s humans who gather around a common purpose and for an organization and put their minds together to bring these extraordinary machines to life. Without the human brain, no artificial intelligence would be born.

“The human mind is our fundamental resource,” said John F. Kennedy.

John F. Kennedy

We, however, would like to tweak some parts of the quote to this: “The human resource is the fundamental power.” Skilled, qualified, and professional masterminds push humanity to the new boundaries of science and technology and baffle us by developing the next-gen machines and AI.

It shouldn’t be a surprise when we think that Human Resources is the backbone of any organization. Besides laying the basics for social interactions confided to the limits of working space, human resources help drive the company towards its goals by injecting positive thinking and attitude into the workforce. It maintains cordial relationships with the unions, giving the workforce the feeling of security and cherished and the fact that the company truly cares and values them.

Furthermore, by providing adequate information in times of selection, human Resource ensures the choosing of the best fits and maintains the integrity of the organization in the same time, so fewer people would lose their jobs inside the company, and, if possible, the current employees have the opportunity to rise and shine. By doing so, workers become more motivated and entrenched in the company culture’s psychological stands and its goal, thus indirectly increasing company growth and profit.

The purpose of Human Resources

The purpose of human Resources is to streamline the abilities of the current teams and nurturing qualified and talented assets for the future of the company. Human Resources also play a crucial part in furnishing the future strategies of an organization and making sure of no detours along the way. Human Resources rehearse needs to include the ideal HR prerequisites, thinking about the state and nearby work laws and controls, and net expense, which builds most extreme worker inspiration, profitability, and duty, offering the best condition for development.

All that considered, the impact of human Resource helps the business venture off into new territories and put its limits to the test. Through a successful human resource, a company can extend its efforts and enter new areas of business. No cloud hides that sun that a great company rises on top of a very successful human resource.

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