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The Advantages of an ATS for Internal Hiring

September 1, 2021

ATS and Internal Hiring

When it comes to recruitment, an “Applicant Tracking System” or “ATS” is quite essential for internal hiring. The ATS helps recruitment parties to have the edge when it comes to singling out the best candidates and stay on top of technology-changes that we all experience.

As for the ATS itself, it comes in handy in so many ways and takes a much unnecessary burden off the shoulder of the recruiting personnel. What ATS does for the internal hiring procedure of a company is by far superior to just track the applicants, which we’ll go over below.

Synchronizing Inter-Department Communication

Probably an area that hurt severely from misfortunes in transferring massages is inter-department communication. Luckily, with ATS, this problem has been put in the rear mirror, and different departments involved with internal hiring processes enjoy the swiftness and effectiveness of an automated system. Members of different departments can now easily send messages to each other on the system or get notified about certain events or changes that are happening. All members can speak up their minds and leave notes, updates, and even ratings on a specified applicant or resume, follow up with the latest developments and share them with the rest of the members. Long story short, the different nodes in the long string of internal hiring have more durable and steadier connections.

Constructing an Internal Top-Talent Database

Gathering, analyzing, and sharing information of the high-quality candidates won’t be possible if a proper functional database of acquisitions isn’t around. Coming up with a database of applicants was nothing to joke about back in the olden days of internal hiring.

Thankfully, ATS has solved this problem like it’s nobody’s business. ATS facilitates the processes of evaluating CVs, doing interviews, and going through the data of potential candidates and conveniently stores all this information in a hub accessible to all members of the departments involved with internal hiring.

Recruiting personnel can now scroll through the database in search of a particular applicant or resume in a matter of few minutes and save up on much time. Besides being timesaving, hiring parties will have an unbelievably more natural time recognizing the best fits and recruiting them.

A More Reliable Decision-Making System

decision making system

An exemplary benefit of an ATS system that shouldn’t go unnoticed is that it ensures precise and information-based decision-making. We all have been there. The lack of correct and related information have annoyingly blinded us in picking out the best candidates, and, as an unfortunate result, the company, the employees, and we have suffered from this misdirected choosing.

The invention and widespread of ATS through the internal hiring teams have substantially reduced the negative impact of poor decision-making. Making the members of recruitment teams and other adjacent departments able to view comments, ratings, and continually staying in touch with each other on different resumes or applicants allows for a more transparent decision-making process and fewer errors.

ATS has shifted the focus from misplacing or sliding of information to quickly accessing it and making faster decisions, which helps the company in countless ways.

Learning from Past Recruitment Processes

In the traditional processes regarding internal hiring, safely preserving the data for the next generations was a troublesome matter. With an ATS, however, this matter doesn't bother hiring teams anymore.

Because the data in the database is accessible to all members - and from any timeline - members can comfortably gather past recruitment processes, and the info will stay stored for an infinite time.

Thanks to this amazing ability, recruiting people have an accurate and mind-opening strategic vision on how they handled the previous applicants and comes again time to hire fresh blood, they can avoid making repetitive mistakes. This feature also helps them to improve their hiring skills further and make wiser and well-informed decisions.

Improve Hiring Habits

In the time of constant need of recruiting, the employees caught up in the mix always have their hands tight, which eventually leads to hiring-skills perfection and adopting new ones all the time. If the company has decided not to take in new candidates, the internal hiring squad will face a rough patch which presumably can rub them of their sensible touch. By using an ATS, the hiring team can continuously rewind and improve their skills, even in times of no-hiring!

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