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How to use LinkedIn to Recruit?

September 1, 2021

Using LinkedIn to Recruit: A complete guide in 2022

If you are reading this, you probably spent hours figuring out dos and don'ts on how to get the best out of LinkedIn in your recruiting process.

Here I tried to break down the Why, What, and How to use LinkedIn properly in hiring.

LinkedIn is the greatest business network on earth

With 722 million users, LinkedIn is by far the largest community of professionals and a potential business network around the globe up from 675 in January 2021 according to Microsoft's FY21 Q1 report.

LinkedIn reported:

"We saw record engagement again this quarter as LinkedIn’s more than 722 million professionals looked to connect with their communities, learn new skills, and find new opportunities."

Another takeaway from the report I found interesting was the record point of 40 million active job seekers each week, keeping the edge over all other job boards.  

Contribution is inevitable, but how to start properly? So here I try to walk you through step by step.

1. Profiling

a. Personal Profiling

First things first, you'll need a LinkedIn account. It requires few personal, professional information and a photo.

Visit LinkedIn Signup Page and follow the signup process.

You will be given a few forms to fill to collect the required profiling information in a progressive process starting by location, your current professional status, and your desire for a new job.

LinkedIn Signup Page
LinkedIn Sign up page
LinkedIn Signup Process-Profiling
LinkedIn Signup process

Right after the signup process completion, you will be landed in either your profile page or Job search page upon your selected options. I suggest to click on the LinkedIn logo on the top left side of the page and click on your name to get into your profile and complete the profiling by providing deeper information and connecting to your network, colleagues, and communities.

b. Company Profiling

You can start creating company profile by either clicking on the "Work" drop down menu on the top right and select "Create Company Page +" or visiting LinkedIn Company Page Help  

LinkedIn Company Profile- Step 1

Select the most relevant type of the page among them and keep going forward.

LinkedIn Company Profile- Step 2

I suggest to take your time here and provide a complete company information including a unique URL, industry, the size of the company and any other information helping in providing clarity to potential customers, followers or candidates. That is a great part of employer branding.

Be a story teller, update the status timely, share your company values, articles and in a single point, seize the moment.

Keep it simple, short, stick to a content strategy, and use a consistent tone of voice. People admire you for being human and interacting with them as well.

LinkedIn Company Profile

A LinkedIn business profile, in my opinion, can be compared to a fan page. Add your product/service catalog, invite the network to visit your business blog, exchange posts, and get all of your fans together under one roof.

Since LinkedIn restricts updates to public profiles, make sure all information is accurate, authentic, and up to date.

2. Post a job

To post a job on LinkedIn you have two options to either free post a job at the time with lower listing priority or paid posts that ranks higher among the other job posts according to the bidding amount.


LinkedIn Job Posting-1

Click on the "Post a free job" button to begin the process.

LinkedIn Job Posting-1.2

Right after starting a job post, you will be redirected to a form to identify the job title and company you are hiring for, and the location.

Depends on your recruiting strategy either the position is remote, visa sponsorship,… a great tactic to get a higher amount of applicants while stay within the budget is to advertise in different locations.

LinkedIn Job Posting-2

You will need to write a job description to continue the posting process. Try to make it clear and comprehensive including all relative keywords. Having proper keywords will let help LinkedIn to match the proper candidate and show them your job ad and increase your reach.

I suggest listing your perks and the benefits package you offer to your employees.

How do you like candidates to apply?

You will be given two different options with relevant consequences.

1. Email Application "In-app": The method will let the candidates apply on LinkedIn by their profile while has the "Easy Apply" tag on your job ad.

You will be notified via email about the applied candidates, but the bigger impact is on the application rate which is by far higher than the other method " External Website" as longs as it provides an in-app one-click application experience to the candidate.

The problem with this application method is you need to add filtered candidates to your "Applicant Tracking System" manually while you have other job boards to advertise.

2- External Website: In this method, the applicant will be redirected to your career site on your website provided by your Recruiting platform.

I prefer this method personally due to the natural filtration in the application process, and the better selection process for the recruiting team while combining all candidates in one pipeline from all other job boards too.

IMHO, it may decrease the number of applicants, but that is a great filtration for those who indeed think are a good match.  

LinkedIn Job Posting-3

Set the budget

LinkedIn offers a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) model and your billing cycle can be vary based on a few conditions

Your charge amount depends on your job posts’ daily budget and the number of views from candidates. You only pay for job views by candidates and aren’t billed for views from LinkedIn employees or the job poster. As a result, you might see a discrepancy in the number of views and the amount charged.  

LinkedIn Job Posting-PPC Selection

LinkedIn will recommend you a daily or total budget estimation and that may experience a little different from the actual in the end, but I suggest starting at a lower amount to see the feedbacks and the performance to reach the optimum point. 

By completing the budget click on the "Continue" button to proceed with the check out by providing your billing information.

3. How to get more applications?

  1. Share the job ad on your company page and ask your people to like, reshare and leave a comment.
  2. Look for passive candidates by searching for the job title or the main skill keyword.  You can narrow down your passive candidate by checking their tag whether is "Open to new Opportunity". Don't forget to connect and recommend your open position to apply.
  3. Check your Job inbox to start the selection process and communicate with the candidate about the next steps. I suggest making your selection process as clear as you can and explain each candidate about that and update them timely.
  4. Check your competitor's open positions and the way they try attracting candidates.
  5. Share the post on the relevant groups, other social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook too. These days your ATS platform can help you do it automatically in case you have one in your pocket.

Share your hacks with us in the comments.

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