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And that's not Everything

AI is at the core to remove manual workloads

AI Assistant

An AI assistant streamlines content creation, whether it is an email or a job description.

AI Search

QPage streamlines all sourcing to nurturing in one place. Say goodbye to all of your task notifications! 
Using 700+ M updated professional profiles, we help you find the best match based on the job criteria.

AI Sourcer

Providing you with up to 200 candidates for every job pipeline based on the location and job description.

AI Parser

Parsers convert resumes into live, well-organized and structured profiles by utilizing machine learning (ML) and optical character recognition (OCR).

AI Matcher

The AI matcher makes keywords irrelevant by extracting skills from a candidate's background documentation. It works by taking key requirements from your job description and the candidate's profile to a state-of-the-art matching analysis returning detailed scores.

AI Interview

Our machine-led interviews reduce shortlisting and hiring time while offering video transcripts of real interviews using an AI model.

Meet the Crew

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AI Recommender system

Here's another state-of-the-art deep learning model that matches jobs and candidates in a mutually beneficial way. Ideal for recruiters, venture capitalists, universities, and accelerators.

Video Analytics
AI video analytics

A human-centric on-demand AI interview with the ability to create real-time micro expression analysis.

Enterprise or startup?

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